Why Is Granite The Kitchen Counter Standard?

In the past few years, the use of granite for large slabs of countertop space has become almost mandatory for homeowners creating a stylish kitchen or bathroom remodel. But why is this? Apart from the natural beauty and surprising affordability of granite, what makes it so perfect for a countertop space? There are a few reasons why granite has become the gold standard in recent years, especially when it comes to kitchen spaces. When given the choice between marble, granite or quartz, most homeowners choose granite as the most durable, timeless option for a remodeling project. Whether you’re looking at granite countertops in richmond va for a home improvement projects or are simply looking for inspiration for designing a new home, here are a few reasons why granite remains everyone’s favorite choice for a countertop.

It’s Affordable

Granite looks like a luxury material and acts like one in most respects. It’s beautiful to look at, incredibly low maintenance and can add the perfect touch to almost any style of interior design. However, granite is priced at a much more affordable starting point than most luxury stones and materials, making it the favorite for big spenders and mid-range homeowners alike. Starting at around $45 per square inch, granite is one of the more affordable selections for kitchen remodeling projects. Low-quality marble starts at around $60 per square inch, and low-quality quartz begins at about $50, making granite the clear winner in terms of pricing. Unlike quartz, granite is much more durable when it comes to hot plates or pots in the kitchen, and unlike marble, it’s scratch-resistant, making it one of the most versatile choices for kitchen countertops as well as bathroom renovation projects. Granite mimics the luxury look of marble and quartz while adding the heft and durability of a much stronger material.

It’s Heat-Resistant

There’s a reason why homeowners looking to revamp their kitchen area always opt for a granite countertop for their kitchen island, bar, or cooking area. When treated to become sealed, granite acts as a perfect surface for prep work. As an extremely heat-resistant material, it also serves as the perfect surface for baking and cooking. You don’t have to put down that extra layer of protection for a hot tray or pan, and you don’t have to deal with the bulkiness of extra cutting boards around the kitchen. When it comes to cooking meals, granite truly is the home chef’s first choice. In the kitchen, granite’s scratch-resistant and heat-proof properties make it ideal for chopping, baking and prepping, and in the bathroom, granite’s low heat transfer makes it perfect for keeping toiletries and expensive creams cool on the countertop. Since granite doesn’t conduct heat, you can feel safe about storing any number of delicate items on your countertop during a hot day.

It’s Durable

Granite isn’t just scratch-resistant. It’s also stain-resistant, long lasting, and very hard to damage. Even the most experienced home cook would have a hard time creating a blemish on a granite countertop through prepping, pounding dough, or placing heavy, hot cookware directly on the surface. Since granite is one of the strongest natural stones, it doesn’t need much extra protection to stay safe in the kitchen. Any spills or stains simply get wiped away, and a quick treatment with sealant makes sure that nothing seeps into the pores of the granite to get absorbed by the stone.

It’s Versatile

Marble is unmistakable when rendered in classic white with grey “veins” and texture. Quartz looks best in its natural rosy or frosty-white form. But granite doesn’t just have one look. It comes in a wide range of colors and styles and can be cut for just about any shape, irregular or standard, in your kitchen or bathroom. Your granite countertop, if taken care of, will last you over 50 years, so picking the right style is crucial. You can go formal by choosing a black slab of granite, choose a classic white piece with flecks of gold and silver, or choose a customized color to exercise your creativity. Granite won’t clash with any home kitchen or bathroom style. Its timeless beauty ensures that it will always be the most show-stopping piece in any home. For this reason, granite countertops can raise the selling price of any home even if the rest of the kitchen or bathroom remodel involves minimal changes. Granite isn’t about to go out of style anytime soon, so homeowners who choose this material can consider it a good investment in the future of their home.


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