Wall Painting Ideas – Tips and Suggestions When Painting Ceilings

When it comes to wall painting ideas, this is certainly one way for you to renew and rejuvenate your home. That is a great idea, but it may not be the only thing you want to think about doing. If you are going to paint the walls, you should think about painting ceilings as well. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a painter and decorator in your area, you can either change the color of these when you do your walls, or you can leave the color the same, but with new paint on the walls you want to renew the paint up above you as well. So, as you think about wall painting ideas, don’t forget about the ceilings or otherwise, the room will not look quite right when you are finished with your interior painting.

When most people think about wall painting ideas, they normally choose white when painting ceilings, and there are many good reasons for this. White is a great color because it works well with other colors and lights very well. It is a traditional color for the ceiling that has been around for a very long time. While homes used to be more simple and there were very few colors used for interiors or exteriors, that is not the case today. While many of the colors that people use for walls has changed drastically, the white is still the main ceiling color that everyone uses in their homes.

When painting ceilings white, you get to use more of the natural light that comes through your windows, and you do not have to use as many bulbs to light your home at night. Why? White is a color that will bounce back all the light that hits it. If you were painting ceilings black, they would absorb the light and you would have to have more light sources to see. With white, the light bounces back and all over the place so that you can minimize how much light you need for one room. It’s great for light and it also saves you a few cents each day in energy costs.

Here’s other reasons why you should consider painting ceilings white when you are thinking about your wall painting ideas. First of all, white ceilings help the room seem more spacious. If you have short ceilings or small rooms, the white ceiling will give you more feeling of space. White opens up any space if you use it for painting ceilings, walls, or use if for carpet color. White is harder to keep clean, but it is used quite often for these reasons. Along the same lines, white is also something that represents clean, so that also makes it a favorite for most home decors at least to come degree. So, as you consider many ideas for wall painting, you may not decorate in all white, but your ceilings or baseboards may very well be white.

So, as you thing about different wall painting ideas, but you feel that you want something that feels a bit warmer, you can go with an off white for the same effect. You can also change things up by using a textured paint for your ceiling to give it a softer feel. This is something you can do when you have flawed ceilings as well, as this hides any problems that you may have had and patched up. This also works with walls, and is why you may see so many textured walls and ceilings in professional spaces. It cleans things up while still giving the same great effect of white.

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