5 Best Home Improvement and DIY Apps

You can be an environmentalist looking for new ways to recycle waste like old newspapers or tin cans. Maybe you’re a tech-geek curious to know how to reassemble an old refrigerator or just a 10 year old looking for some inspiration for the upcoming art project. Regardless of what your age or motive maybe, these 5 Home Improvement and DIY Apps offer all answers. From fixing broken toys and devices to decorating and designing your dream home, this list has it all.


  1. Planner 5D

Do you want to be the architect of your dream home? Do you want to create beautiful and authentic interior and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes? If your answer is a big YES! to both these question, this Home Improvement app is the perfect companion for you. It’s not only free but also super easy to navigate. You’re given a comprehensive catalog of interior and exterior items that you can use to furnish your dream home in Virtual Reality mode. The app is available in several languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. As a cherry on the cake, the DIY app even works in offline mode.

  1. iFixit

A DIY app can repair almost everything, except for a broken heart. From tearing your device apart and checking its circuits to simply learning the art of repairing, iFixit is your final stop. With this Home Improvement app, you can access a step by step repair manuals of every possible device including MacBook, iPod, PC laptop, Honda Accord, a variety of digital cameras, cell phones and many more. Simply select the category of your device and troubleshoot minor and major glitches. With the DIY app being free and available on App Stores, you can access all this techy information without shelling a penny.

  1. WikiHow

From cutting your hair and coloring them blonde to fixing deflated tires, there’s nothing you can’t do with WikiHow. This DIY app offers a step by step guide with pictures and videos for “anything” possible for human hands. The app doesn’t limit its lessons to trending topics like Tech, Fitness or relationships and life. Instead, you can learn something as simple as how to tie Knots and ties or something complex as flying an airplane in an emergency. The free DIY app can even tell you how to escape from a bear, in case you were curious. The world is your oyster with this simple app.

  1. DIY food ideas

Whether you’re a foodie or simply want to prepare a breakfast in bed for your wife, DIY food ideas will swoon your palette in no time. As a clever collection of more than 500 DIY food prep ideas, this simple and easy to use DIY app is a safe haven for every food enthusiast.  The feature gallery is bolstered with a “Tap on a preview thumbnail” to view large image, “Pinch to zoom” feature and “offline viewing.” You can also save your favorite recipes, set your favorite as a wallpaper and share your creations with friends and family.

  1. DIY Recycled Crafts

If you’re someone who rejoices creating art from waste material, this DIY app might become your favorite. Whether you’re a 5-year-old or a 50-year-old adult, this easy to use Home Improvement app offers a plethora of craft images that can inspire your next masterpiece made out of newspapers. Some of the crafts you can learn with this Home Improvement app include securing loose items together in “ bag and tie touch” category, making Jars and pots with glass bottles and empty containers and packaging tricks with newspapers and bubble wraps. The tools to create these crafts may vary from something as small as a glue stick to big machinery like mechanical devices. Nevertheless, the DIY will compliment the artist in you.


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