Whenever the season turns to summer and backyard pools are open, the tragic stories of accidental drownings in the pool start. It happens each year, someone forgets the gate, someone takes their eye off of a toddler for a second and, after a frantic search, they find the child at the bottom of the pool. Backyard pools are a great thing to have, but they’re only great when they are also safe and secure.

With the summer months full of busy days and lots to do in the yard, they are also full of distractions and it doesn’t take long for tragedy to strike, but of course there are lots of ways you can prevent an accidental drowning. The first is, of course having a fence around the pool. This seems like a no brainer and in a lot of places it’s actually the law. It isn’t enough to have your yard fenced, and it is recommended that your pool area is also completely fenced in. This gives you just that little bit of extra time, an extra line of defense if you will, and keeps yet another obstacle between that pool and that curious child.

Of course a fence is nothing without a working gate and fortunately you can get automatic gate closers for pool gates. What they do it automatically close the gate and secure it so that it is never left open accidentally. They work well when you are going through with an armload of items and you just don’t have a hand free to pull the gate closed and they work wonderfully in keeping little ones out when you are in the gated area cleaning or maintaining the pool, leaving you to do your chores and not have to worry about what the kids are doing.

Alarms for backdoors leading to the backyard are also a great investment, especially if you have younger kids. They may have mastered how to open the door, but that alarm will let you know they’re on the way out and you can stop them before they get too far.

As always, common sense can prevail too. Don’t leave anything with wheels (scooters, bikes, tricycles, wagons, etc) on the pool deck. These items belong on the grass. And, when you are finished with the pool toys, gather them up and put them away, don’t let them just float around in the pool as this will just spark interest with the little ones. Stay safe and have fun!

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