Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Yard

A healthy lawn is a great work and it doesn’t have to be unattainable. Every homeowner can start with small sections than doing the whole lawn to maintain the job manageable. Here are some helpful tips for achieving the best yard in your home.

Spring Lawn Care Tips

Avoid Weeds Growth Before They Start Occurring

From this point, it’s best to avoid weeds from acquiring a foothold in your grass before they even develop. Use a pre-emergent herbicide to control the crabgrass and eliminate the weed. It helps in preventing the growth of their seeds from the lawn. The use of this product should be done in the spring season.


When using lawn care treatments, read the label carefully and follow the given instructions in regards to wearing the proper attire, protective gears and safety precautions.

Mow High and as Often as Possible

Mowing the grass too short may seem the best thing to do as to save time and effort. The truth is, it can damage your lawn thus allowing the weeds to set in the roots. Maintaining the height of the lawn leads to a healthier grass. The ideal cutting is not more than a 3rd of the blade grass.

Ensure to Sharpen the Mower Blade

A dull blade damages the grass resulting in an uneven edge that makes the lawn look brownish in color. It’s best to sharpen the mower blade or replace it with a new one when it’s time.

Nice to Know:

The size of the lawn and the number of mowing times will determine how often you should sharpen the blade. Remember to assess the grass blade after mowing. If it’s tattered, its time to sharpen it.

Water the Lawn Every Morning

The best time to water the lawn is early in the morning since the sun will help dry the lawn. Do not water it at night time which can lead to prolonged moisture especially on the mower blade which can lead to possibilities for diseases. Water the grass less but for a long period of time. Wetting the grass doesn’t mean you already water it. The water the needs to be soaked in the grass so the moisture will reach down to its roots.

Feed Your Lawn

Have you ever wonder what to feed your lawn? You should be considering nitrogen, it’s the most important nutrients the lawn should consume. Consider a mix fast slow release fertilizer that helps to make the grass greener fast and feed it. In South countries, it’s best to feed the lawn during spring and summer while in North, feeding should be in fall and spring season. Do not feed the dormant grass since it can’t extract the nutrients.


Do not feed in large amount. If you put too much nitrogen in the grass, it will eventually burn it. Read the instructions and follow the directions.

Reseed Some Areas

If some parts of the grass are thin, seed the area. Do this during the fall season.


Do not use per-emergent preventer during the time you will reseed. The seed will not grow.

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