How to Remove the Most Panic Inducing Carpet Stains

There are certain liquids you hope never make contact with your carpet. The smallest splash of one of these and you liable to spin into a state of panic. Fortunately, even the nastiest, most aggressive carpet stains can be tackled!

Before you begin it may help to double-check any guidelines created by your carpet manufacturer. Certain types of carpets and carpet coatings may not work with all cleaning products. If you are ever unsure about using a particular product, perform a small spot test in an inconspicuous area of your carpet. Now that you have that out of the way: let’s clean your carpet.

Stain #1: Red Wine

If you love to kick back with a glass of merlot after a long day at the office, you may be familiar with the particular brand of terror that accompanies a red wine accident. If this happens to you, don’t fret! That awful red stain can be removed! Especially if you act quickly. What you want to use is a OxiClean-based cleansing product to lift out the stain.

To treat a red wine stain: First blot the area with a clean, folded towel to remove as much wine as you can. Then spray the area generously with an oxiclean-based stain treatment, and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Gently work the product around using a damp sponge or cloth, moving from the outer edge of the strain toward the center. Then blot the product with paper towels until it is relatively dry. Use a blow-dryer to completely dry the area, and repeat this process as needed. For dark red wine, at least two round of this process are recommended.

Stain #2: Urine

If you have pets or little potty-training toddlers, it is not inconceivable for urine to end up on your floor. If urine is not treated right away, urine crystals can form within your carpet fibers, and you might never get that smell out. But there is no need to freak out! By treating urine stains with an enzymatic cleanser, you can successful lift all traces of urine away.

To treat a urine stain: Blot away as much liquid as possible using paper towels. Purchase an enzymatic-based cleanser from your local pet store or online. Generously saturate the area with the enzymatic cleanser. You want the product to soak your carpet all the way down to the pad, for best results. Do not blot, scrub, or wipe the area. Place a warm, damp towel over the area and leave it dry overnight. In the morning, vacuum the area. You may want to repeat this method more than once.

Stain #3: Coffee

Maybe you don’t have pets. Perhaps you don’t drink red wine. But there is good chance that you or someone in your house partakes in the most common product responsible for carpet stains: coffee. Not only is coffee dark-colored, but it contains oils that can contribute to a stain, if not treated right away. But don’t worry! By using a foaming cleanser, that dreaded coffee stain will be but a distant memory.

To treat a coffee stain: Blot away as much liquid as possible with a clean, folded cloth or paper towel. Select a foaming carpet cleanser or foaming stain treatment product, and generously coat the stained area. Gently work the product around using a damp sponge or washcloth, moving from the edge of the stain toward the center. Leave the product alone for 2-3 minutes. Then blot up as much of the cleanser as you can. If you can still see the stain, apply more cleanser and repeat. When you are finished removing the stain, wet the area with clean water and blot the water until the carpet is mostly dry.

Have a Professional Finish the Job

If you are faced with a difficult stain, it is always wise to act quickly and apply the appropriate stain treatment right away. After that, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to finish the job. A professional carpet cleaning can pick up where your home stain treatment left off, eradicating any remaining traces of red wine, urine, coffee, or any other stain that might occur. Be sure to point out the problem areas to your carpet professional, and explain what treatment steps have already been taken.

Having your carpet cleaned by a professional about once a year can significantly extend the life of your carpet. If it has been a while since your last carpet cleaning, or if you’ve recently experienced a panic-inducing stain, think about making an appointment for a professional carpet cleaning today.

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