Stylish, Economical and Colorful Vinyl Sheds

Vinyl sheds are lightweight like plastic and look much nicer. They can withstand all kinds of weather and are a better quality than plastic. Many vinyl sheds can support up to 18 pounds of snow and winds up to 115mph. They are also flame retardant. Your belongings inside will stay dry against a heavy rain storm and hail. The strength comes from having a roof with steel beams.

Vinyl sheds for sale come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be up to 10 feet tall and as wide as 30 feet. You can use your vinyl shed for many different purposes. Most people use them for garden tools and mower, or ATV’s or vehicle storage. Your vinyl shed would be a reliable year-round storage area that is rot, dent, rust and mildew resistant.

The Low Barn Style Vinyl Shed

If you are short on space in your yard, the barn style shed will fit right into any small area. The Low Barn style is an economical vinyl shed. They are not cheaply built by any means. They are made with quality materials. The workmanship is done by trained professionals, who also have the right tools and knowledge to install your shed. The Low Barn vinyl shed is perfect for the kid’s bikes, a lawn mower, supplies and gardening tools. There will still be room for other small items like lawn chairs and tables or a lounge or two.

The High Barn Vinyl Shed

You can maximize the area of your storage with the High Barn style shed. This is the most spacious of the vinyl sheds. The High Barn has great features of the high roof that includes two 4’ overhead lofts. There are plenty of options for use in this roomy style vinyl shed. This High Barn vinyl shed adds a stunning look to your backyard. You can add double doors, windows and shutters to spruce up the look. Your neighbors will be envious of your new year-round storage area.

The Ranch Style Vinyl Shed

For modern homes, the Ranch Style vinyl shed is very popular. It blends in with all styles of modern homes. It has that clean A-frame roof with an enhancing overhang. To give your new shed a unique look, just add a flower box or two, windows, or some shutters. You can also add in a second door if needed for your accessibility. The vinyl comes in many different colors and can pretty much match any home.

Vinyl sheds can add value to your property. Your shed can be matched to your home style. Add windows, a ramp and flower boxes to your shed to give it that customized look. Vinyl is an affordable way to go for your shed and will last for years to come.

Low maintenance vinyl is easy to care for all year round. It can be cleaned with a mild soap and water, with a soft brush. All it would then need is a cool rinse and it will look like new again.

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