How To Keep Your Home Safe From Pests During Storms

When major storms hit your area, you can bet that’s an invitation for pests to find shelter and breeding grounds in and around your home. But you don’t want assorted vermin and insects infesting the house and yard where you and your family live and play. Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to keep pests away from your loved ones, courtesy of your favorite Pest Control Services Birmingham

Plan Ahead

If you know a storm is coming, then take the necessary precautions now, before it hits, to keep pests from coming into your home. Do a complete inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the home to locate any potential problem areas that might allow pests easy access into your house. These problems could easily become a lot worse when the storm hits.

Look for things like cracks and gaps that could allow pests to crawl in from the rain and find food and shelter in your pantry, closets, garage, any place that seems like an attractive alternative to the raging rain and high winds outside.

Make Necessary Repairs

If you do find any cracks, gaps, or fractures in walls or around windows and doors, you should fix these things quickly. Not only will this prevent pests from sneaking in but it could also be a smart solution for reducing the effects of water damage that may occur from water leaking in through these vulnerabilities in the home.

You can seal these areas easily with a silicon-based caulk or alternative options like putty or sealants that will prevent anything from the outside sneaking inside.

Remove The Receptacles

When it rains, that water has to go somewhere. What you want is for the water to go anywhere but near your home, because it attracts pests like mosquitoes. They love stagnant water because it’s the ideal environment for two mosquitoes who love each other to do what comes naturally in making more mosquitoes. So the last thing you want is for nature to take its course in your backyard and give you and your family additional nuisances to bear with, especially in the summer time.

Do a quick audit around your yard and find anything that is capable of collecting water. We’re talking about old flowerpots, garbage cans and lids, clogged gutters, even grill covers and bird baths can be breeding grounds for those bloodsuckers who want nothing else but to bite you and your family. Not only are those bites itchy and uncomfortable but they could spread disease and illness.

Clear Out The Spoiled Food

A major storm can be bad news all around and lead to possible power outages. When that happens, the food in your home could spoil due to lack of proper refrigeration and damaged storage areas. Discard that spoiled food immediately, otherwise you could be ringing the dinner bell for rodents eager to find their next meal and insects who are ready for some more breeding, they will often choose spoiled and rotting food to do just that.

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