Why Can’t You Throw Away a TV?

Whether it is due to an upgrade or a malfunction, there is a lot of joy in bringing home a brand new TV. However, a brand new TV does come with some unfortunate side effects, like having to deal with getting rid of your old TV.

Unlike an old sofa, bookshelf, or dresser, you are not able to just drag an old TV to the curb and wait for garbage day. Electronic waste, such as TVs, can come with an ecological danger due to toxic chemicals leaking from the electronics into the ground, and even into sources of water. Because they are more difficult and time consuming to recycle, a lot of people just let their old TVs sit and gather dust. However, there are a lot of options for getting rid of your TV in a quick, safe and productive manner.

What To Do Instead of Curbing It

There are other ways of getting rid of your old TV that will not end up costing you a lot of money:

Sell It

If the TV still works and you are just upgrading, then why not sell it to someone who may see your old TV as an upgrade, or just to use it for spare parts. Either way, your trash can be someone else’s treasure.

Recycle It

There are a lot of sites out there that will tell you exactly where you are able to bring your TV in order for it to be recycled. However, a lot of areas have specific eWaste drop-off days where you can recycle your old TV and other eWaste items for no fee.

Haul It

You can hire a team of professionals to come and snag your old TV and take it off to the right recycling plant for you.

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