Which is more disastrous flood or flash flood?

Flood is an avoidable natural disaster, destroying your property and personal things. It disturbs your life to such an extent that you are compelled to leave your home. It also costs you lives and money. There are different sources of flooding and they are not treated in the same way. Since the flooding can happen due to sewage backups, plumbing failures, overflowing of rivers and coastal surges.

Whatever the reason of water flooding, you have to deal with it and save your home from further damage. You also need to save your health from contaminated water of flood. The flood water damage and its treatment is more complicated than a burst pipe or a leaking roof. You must call a flood cleanup service, if flood water enters your property for its removal and work professionally to reduce the severity of damage.

The flood water treatment is quite lengthy, complicated and costly. It involves different features of a building and requires team work to complete the cleanup and restoration as soon as possible. If the restoration process is slow, the damage becomes severe and expensive to the structure of building.

Apart from structural damage and health risks, the flood water cause rusty pipes and mold growth at places hard to reach. The flood cleanup services use latest equipment, like water detection probes and sensors to locate hidden flood water damage timely. They repair them along with the other restoration work.

There is another type of flood which is more dangerous and destructive than floods. This is called flash flooding. Every year this type of flooding causes more loss of lives and properties. They come with an incredible speed and little or no warnings. Flash flooding cause due to dam breakage, ice jam and heavy rainfall during short intense storms. They occur within a few hours of rainfall. Where rivers are narrow and steep, water flow more quickly and occur flash flooding. In urban areas the small rivers overflows, the hard surface of roads and concrete do not let river water absorb in grounds. This leads to surface overflow and overwhelm the local drainage system leading to flash flooding. When ice melts too fast, the water travels gathering debris, stones and trees along with it. It also causes land sliding in hilly area Wherever the water collects, it occurs rapidly and rarely lasts more than 12 hours. It mostly happens when water is suddenly released with pressure.

Flash flood is dangerous in the same way as flood, causing injuries, fatalities and damage to properties and loss of capital. They damaged the buildings, crops, roads, bridges and railways on its way. They are also reason of soil erosion.

Water damage in any case of flooding, demands quick action of water evacuation and cleanup. The flood water cleanup services experienced to deal with every type of water damage including flash flood. Flash flooding causes more destruction and chaos than other water emergencies, so need more skills and work by the cleanup service providers.

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