What Are The Benefits Of Having Vinyl Windows?

When it comes to replacement windows for your home, you’re not short of options. From wood to fiberglass to aluminum, there are tons of different window types you can choose from depending on your home’s climate and your personal preference. However, if you’re in the market for some of the most reliable windows around, vinyl replacement windows could be your best bet. When you buy vinyl windows, you’re getting a sturdy, almost maintenance-free replacement to older, inefficient types of windows that are prone to letting in leaks and drafts. Not only is vinyl highly durable, it’s one of the more cost-effective options out there for re-fitting your entire home with brand new windows. If you’re worried about cost and want to choose a high-quality product that won’t quit, there are tons of reasons why you should opt for vinyl windows today. Here are just a few.

Low Maintenance

If you’re someone who hates spending time cleaning and prepping your windows for bad weather, vinyl windows are a perfect option. Not only are vinyl windows scratch resistant, they never have to be re-painted or spruced up after a bad storm. Vinyl is a tough, durable material that’s made to last through even the worst weather without discoloration or warping. Compared to a more sensitive material like wood or even fiberglass composite, you’re much better off opting for a vinyl replacement window in an area with a lot of yo-yo-ing temperatures through the year. You don’t have to worry about mold or rot, either. Unlike wood, which warps in moist weather and can end up needing to be re-treated with time, vinyl is built to withstand moisture and stay leak-proof no matter what. When your vinyl replacement window gets dirty, all you have to do is apply a small amount of diluted soap and water to get that brand new shine back again.

Energy Efficient

When the cold months sweep in and the hot months start to create a muggy, unpleasant home atmosphere, the last thing most homeowners want to do is end up overpaying on energy bills. However, in some climates, cranking the AC is a necessity. The amount of money you pay on your bills can have a lot to do with your replacement windows and their materials. In addition to having glass with low-E coating and a high R-value, you’ll need materials that don’t soak up the sun easily. Vinyl is made of a material called PVC, which is a highly energy-efficient material that helps to keep things cool in the summer, as well as being able to block out cold air in the winter. Even if you have muggier summers and wet winters, you don’t have to worry about your vinyl windows getting damaged or rotten over time. If you go the extra mile and weatherproof your windows from the outside and the inside, you’re guaranteed to see big savings on your heating and cooling bills in no time.

Cost Effective

In addition to saving you money on bills, your vinyl windows won’t cost you a fortune up front. While you might at first be wary of the low price of vinyl, don’t assume that you’re saving now and paying later. Vinyl is actually one of the strongest, most long-lasting materials on offer despite being competitively priced. The inexpensive nature of vinyl has more to do with its aesthetic value than its overall quality. Because vinyl isn’t as stunning as natural wood and doesn’t add a ton of resale value to a home, it’s considered a more basic option for replacement windows. However, you’ll end up saving in maintenance and long-term care over time by opting for vinyl over wood or composite window frames. What you don’t gain in resale value, you’ll easily gain in lowered bills and relaxed maintenance after a few short years.

Lots to Choose From

Wood is beautiful, and aluminum is sturdy, but even when you go out of your way to find something with personality, you can often end up at a dead end. Vinyl, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile materials you can choose for a replacement window, coming in a huge variety of colors and styles. Since you won’t be able to paint over your vinyl windows over time, you’ll want to choose something that’s perfect for your home no matter what other external changes you decide to make. Luckily, since vinyl comes in almost every color imaginable and can be pretty customizable, you won’t have to search too long to find a unique option that makes sense for your home.


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