Simple Ways to Add Some Wow Factor to Your Home

It’s easy to hop on Pinterest and be filled with envy in a matter of minutes. There are some breathtaking images of some simply immaculate homes. It’s hard comparing your current home to some of the seemingly unattainable beauties we find online. It may not be in the budget to up and purchase one of these homes but fixing up your current home may just be able to get you the beauty within a budget. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some simple ways to add some drama to your den!


I hate to say it but nothing says, “I’m pretty far behind on my design standards” like brown and beige walls. Some people can pull it off, but it’s definitely a dated style. A simple way to really make your space look better is to add some gray paint. It’s extremely trendy right now and can make your home look just awesome. The lighter tones can also really brighten up a room which is a wonderful added bonus! Painting a room will cost you but it’s not terribly expensive. If you’re looking for simple ways to really spruce up your space, painting is a great place to start! Hit up your local Sherwin Williams and get to work!

Update Your Flooring

This might be a little more pricey than paint but new flooring can completely transform a room. There are a lot of great options that pair well with the gray paint suggestion. Head back to Pinterest and see what the pros are doing. If you are willing to hit up YouTube and learn, you can install the flooring yourself bringing a new feel to your home.

Decorate Using a Bright Fun Accent Color

The wonderful thing about the neutral gray is that it leaves a lot of room for you to spice up the space in other ways. My top recommendation is to pair the neutral with a bright, bold accent color. Too much color will kill you. However, keeping your accent colors bold but in moderation goes a very long way. I love mints, corals or canary yellows. Throw pillows, accent chairs, and even finding new pictures to hang on your walls to match your themes make hitting up your local decor stores a fun new mission.

Add Curtains and Blinds

You can find great looking curtains at very reasonable prices. Call up your local Hunter Douglas dealer and they can get you started. They have options for pretty much any budget. I love adding curtains that really pop out at you when you enter the room. These are great places to incorporate the bright, bold accent colors we talked about previously.

I’m always an a big advocate for DIY projects. However, if you’d rather have these things done professionally, there are contractors in your area ready to help. Give them a call, help them catch your vision and watch it all come to life!

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