Should You Replace All of Your Windows or Only Some of Them?

If you are a homeowner, you probably have a good idea about when it’s time to replace your windows. However, replacing all the windows in your home is a pretty big project, and you may not like the idea of tackling such a huge project in one go. New windows are an important investment. So is it crucial to get them all replaced at once, or is it perfectly fine to spread it out?

Some reasons that a homeowner may want to replace just a few of their windows include: one room getting too hot/cold, some windows not operating properly, or windows that don’t seal correctly causing fogging or cloudiness. Additionally, this choice usually has to do with cost.

No matter what your reasons are, you should know that it is possible to replace your windows slowly over a matter of years. This is absolutely a viable strategy, but you should know that it carries a few risks. Consider these three:

It Can Be More Expensive Per Window

The cold hard fact about windows is that buying more costs less, regardless of what type of windows you use. Most window dealers need a minimum purchase of 5 windows at a time in order to offer you a competitive price.

There is also the matter of labor. Labor can actually be more costly for a small project. This is because it needs to be worth the laborers time to come out, do evaluations, set up, install windows, clean up and leave. When installers do five or more windows in one go, this can bring the price of labor down.

If you have many windows in your home, and if you can afford to do so, your best bet is to split the project into groups of five or more. This is the best way to make the project cost-effective.

Your Windows Might Look Different

When you replace just a few windows, they are going to look, feel, and work a bit differently than the ones that you didn’t have replaced. With just a few efficient new windows in place, your house will have a mix of shiny new windows and shabby, old, or inefficient ones. For some people, this might not be a big deal. For others, this could drive you up the walls.

When you decide to replace your windows–all of them or even just a few–meeting with a professional designer and/or retail consultant can help you choose the best window styles for your home. A good designer/consultant can help you maintain the style and structural integrity of your residence by selecting the most appropriate windows. By choosing windows that fit with your architecture, style, and decor, your new windows may not be so different from your old ones. This can ease the blow if you are replacing just a handful of windows at a time.

It Can Be a Hassle to Split the Project Up

If you can afford to replace all the windows in your house, but you are considering breaking it up to ease the hassle, this is the wrong attitude. First, replacing a house full of windows is a surprisingly efficient job. It isn’t nearly as intense or disruptive as renovating a kitchen or bathroom. An experienced team can generally get your whole house done in a matter of two or three days. And that includes clean up and old window disposal!

On the other hand, breaking the job up can add to the inconvenience. Each time you order a window replacement, a service team will need to make two or more visits to your home. They’ll need to measure, perform the installation, and possibly perform a service call. Remember, this needs to happen each time your windows are being replaced.

If you get it all done in one shot, it isn’t such a big deal. However, if your window replacement is broken down into three or four sessions, this can mean anywhere from six to twelve home visits. Is this the worst thing in the world? No. But it could be a bit of a pain.

What’s the Conclusion?

Here is the bottom line: replacing some of your windows is better than replacing none! If you feel like to you can deal with the slightly elevated cost, potentially disparate windows, and minor additional hassle, then replacing your windows in shifts might be a good choice for you. Contact a professional to discuss all your windows Virginia Beach needs.

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