Know Why Metal Roofing is Right for our Home by Exposing Few Myths

Asphalt shingles is a common material used for roofing. We have used tiles, bricks, cement, concrete, logs, and almost everything to create a strong roof. However, after few years we face the problem of seepage, cracks, etc. Metal roof is a recent development in the architect industry that has given durability and insulation property.

AMT Metal Roofing supplies material for metal roofing to Edmonton, Alberta, and Ontario. They provide roofing material for office buildings, commercial, industrial, residential buildings, and agricultural buildings. Their team has experience and knowledge that finishes work for clients timely and within budget with 5 years of warranty. The business was started in 2009 and since then they have installed 500 metal roofs.

There are various benefits of a metal roof. Still, some people are scared of using it for their homes. Various myths about metal are floating all over the world. These myths are restricting people from using metal for their roofing. We will discuss all those concerns to clarify those myths –

Higher Risk of Lightning Struck

Metal is considered a good conductor of electricity, but it doesn’t strike lightning on a metal roof of a house. Lightning strikes a higher object like a pole, condominiums, airport towers, trees, etc. this is the reason why you see the lightning conductor in tall buildings. However, the roofs of homes aren’t that high so even if lightning strikes the roof, it is dispersed all over the roof instead of catching fire.

Makes Noise when hit by rock or rain

Yes, metal does make a thud noise when something hard hits it. However, those are thin sheet of metals that like an asbestos sheet. Before installing a metal roof they are placed over plywood, existing roof, or solid sheathing. It makes less noise compared to other roofs. So even if a thief is climbing your roof, you’ll still have sound sleep.

Expensive Installation

Installing a metal roof is less expensive than asphalt shingles. Other roofing requires maintenance and repair due to wear and tear, but a metal roof just requires maintenance which is affordable and the material lasts for years. It keeps the home cool and saves energy in the summer months. So, in long run, it saves money on your asset and your utility bills.

Prone to Rust

When the metal roof was decided many things were considered and rusting was the first thing that was removed from it. A protection layer of zinc or aluminum is coated on the metal and then it is painted with high-quality paint to prevent rusting. No matter, it rains, snows or there is a storm, the color remains intact and there is no chance of rusting.

Vulnerable to Dent

Modern metal roofs can bear all kinds of weather like hail, storms, or snow. Nothing can dent the metal roof unless it’s a hurricane. Actually, it can also perform nicely in a hurricane. The new technology can tolerate wind 120mph. a metal roof can stand strong compared to other tiles or asphalt shingle roofs.

Walking on a metal roof can become dangerous when it is wet. It becomes slippery and if the roof will not cost your money, other medical bills would.


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