How to Remove Tough Old Stains From Carpet

Most adults have picked up a few tricks along the way when it comes to dealing with spills, especially if, like me, you’re the type that frequently tips a glass or lets bits of food escape. You probably know you can do a lot to stop stains from setting it if you get to them fast enough. A lot of blotting and a bit of club soda can go a long way.

What about older stains on your carpeting, though? What about the ones that have dried, set, and been ground in over time? Is there any hope for removing them without compromising the color of your carpeting in the process?

In many cases, it can be done with the right products and techniques. Whether you want to go it alone or you’re willing to hire professional help, here are a few ways to remove carpet stains.

Homemade Options

You’ll be happy to know that many stains can be treated with everyday items in your home, such as vinegar, baking soda, salt, and hydrogen peroxide. Of course, different items work best for different types of stains, so before you get started, it’s best if you know the cause of the stain on your carpet.

Vinegar and salt in a 4:1 ratio can attack all manner of stains, as can a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. These options work for some of your worst types of stains, such as blood, juice, chocolate, and even gravy.

If you’re dealing with greasy or oily stains, on the other hand, something like a cornstarch or baking soda paste might work better to soak up any leftover residue. Homemade cleaning solutions can work great or fall flat, but when you know what you’re dealing with, it’s a lot easier to find the right cleaning agent.

Stain Products

If you’re not opposed to chemical solutions, there are plenty of stain-fighting products on the market that should work great on textiles and carpeting alike. Tide stain sticks work wonderfully well on small areas, for example.

However, you might want to try a product like OxiClean. This solvent is not only great for laundry, but you can also find products specifically for stains on rugs and carpets. Of course, once you’ve cleaned a spot thoroughly, you might start to notice just how dingy the rest of your carpet looks.

Professional Help

You could spend hours applying elbow grease to stains on your carpeting, but you might be better off simply hiring the pros at American Chem-Dry. You’ll not only receive carpet cleaning services that remove both ground-in grime and serious stains, but the service includes natural cleaning products and processes that are healthier for your home and family.

If you’re concerned about the chemicals frequently associated with commercial carpet cleaning, you’ll find that the Chem-Dry process is not only eco-friendly, but also helps to remove bacteria and allergens that pollute your interior air. In other words, you get the spotlessly clean carpet you crave, along with health-boosting and eco-friendly benefits.

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