Designing A Deck for Your Home and Family

Whether you decide to go it on your own or hire professional deck builders reston va, designing a deck for your home and family is no small affair. The process should be carefully considered so that every detail is properly managed and you have the deck you really want.

But while there’s more than one way to design the right deck in terms of aesthetics and functionality, there are some basics that must be adhered to so that your deck is not only safe but sturdy. So, as you go about designing your deck, here are some of the most important aspects to remember:

Your Deck’s Foundation

Much like with your home or really anything you plan to build, the foundation upon which that structure is built must be firmly constructed. If not, your deck will never remain standing. So be sure you have chosen a location around your property that will provide you with the opportunity for a firm foundation.

This will be important when the digging begins and always account for the shifting and moving of the soil as well as the freezing of your soil during the winter. All of these things can have a significant impact on the foundation.

Decking Materials

As you go about planning the deck you want to build, you must always select materials that are resilient, long-lasting, and of course, aesthetically appropriate for your home. This includes your boards, your posts, the railings, even the minor details like hardware and caps.

Do your research into the materials that are available and find the best options for the deck you plan to build. Consider deck maintenance in your decision as well, as some materials are going to require more tender loving care than others. How much time can you realistically devote to maintaining your deck? This should be factored into your decision-making process.

Clearance and Access

Another thing to take into account is the surrounding environment that exists where you are planning to place your deck. This means any areas that can be affected by the deck and any areas that might obstruct the use of the deck.

For starters, you must be very careful about the windows that will be near your deck. They must always be left unobstructed. You should also steer clear of pipes, faucets, lighting, electrical outlets, air conditioner units, and any other exterior components that can get damaged or hindered by the presence of the deck and the foot traffic it’s likely to receive.

As for the windows, you might want to put in tempered glass near any stairwells leading to and from the deck. This will prevent the glass from breaking should someone or something fall down the stairs accidentally.

Preventing Deck Rot

Even the most well-maintained decks can start to show signs of rot. When you are planning the construction of your deck, be sure to consider implementing methods for preventing moisture from seeping into the areas where rot typically forms. This will extend the lifespan of your deck.

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