Common Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

While a project like painting cabinets seems relatively simple at first glance, there are still plenty of mistakes that can be made by a novice at the task. The end result is less than professional at best and a complete disaster at worst.

Now that doesn’t mean you automatically need to hire a santa clara cabinet painting company to have the work done because this is a job you can handle all by yourself. You just need to avoid making some of the most common mistakes that homeowners just like you commit on an all too routine basis.

For those of you who feel entirely comfortable refinishing your own kitchen cabinetry, consider all of the critical aspects of the project that must be carried out successfully in order to ensure that your cabinets look spectacular when all is said and done. Some mistakes are hard to correct once they’ve been committed, so as long as you remain diligent about taking things one step at a time you won’t need to spend more time and twice the money to correct those mistakes.

Mistaking the Time Needed to Finish

Perhaps the most common mistake is that which urges homeowners to declare that painting their kitchen cabinets can be done over the course of one weekend. They consider the condition and size of the cabinets and think it’s a piece of cake. Unfortunately, the finished product looks rushed and incomplete.

In order to do the job right give yourself at least five days to paint kitchen cabinets correctly.

Thorough Cleaning

Your cabinets are probably covered in thick layers of grease buildup and sticky grime from years of cooking meals in the kitchen. So, before you place brush to paint or stain, be sure you first clean the cabinets completely with a degreaser or other cleaning solution that removes grease and other accumulated film. As long as these things are on your cabinets the paint will never adhere to the surface and absorb into the wood properly.

Your paint job will look terrible without cleaning the doors and drawers before you get to work on the painting process. This is a step that is absolutely mandatory and must be performed.

Dismantle Doors and Drawers

Too many homeowners make this grave mistake and it could be just as important as cleaning the cabinets ahead of painting them. This is a common mistake that is committed far too often because people believe it will make the job go by a lot quicker. All it will really do is make the job look terrible. You must remove the doors and drawers before you set out to paint them.

If you cut corners on this aspect of the task, you’re only going to do yourself a severe disservice and mar the appearance of your cabinetry. Cutting corners also means refusing to remove the hardware on the cabinets, including all knobs, handles, and hinges. If you attempt to paint around those items while still attached to the doors and drawers, you can be sure you will make a mess of everything.

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