Bathroom Transformation Ideas: How to Make It Look New

When your house has been home to numerous families, it can begin to show signs of aging. The walls will start to get cracks from settling, and your floorboards will creak more often than not. Your bathroom, if not regularly cleaned, will look the most deplorable with its grimy tiles and dirty fixtures.

However, this is no reason to be disheartened. With a little patience and dedication, renovating and upgrading your home can be manageable. The key is to make a list of things that need to be repaired or replaced and work on it at your own pace. Even if it’s little changes here and there, bit by bit, you can improve your home and make it comfortable again.

Bathrooms can be particularly hard, and you usually won’t know where to start. To help guide you, however, here are some suggestions for upgrading and renovating your bathroom.

Deep Clean Your Bathroom

The thing to do, first and foremost, is to thoroughly clean your bathroom. It is one of the dirtiest places in the home, due to the constant exposure and buildup of water in corners. This step is essential as it can help you determine the repairs that you possibly need, such as replacing cracked tiles or changing rusted fixtures.

Start by soaking the toilet, shower, or tub with the cleaning products of your choice. Leave it alone for a while, and clean the walls, floor, and ceiling. Thoroughly scrub the walls, as they can get slimy from the mix of moisture and hygiene products. Wipe down mirrors with a microfiber cloth soaked with the glass cleaner of your choice. Clean your fixtures and see if any need replacing.

Install a Tankless Water Heater

If you prefer showers to baths, consider having a tankless water heater installed. One of its main benefits is easy access to hot water in a shorter time, which gives you a more relaxing shower experience. If it is installed by an expert company near your home in Salt Lake City, there will rarely be any need for water heater repair (but you can still avail of it).

A tankless water heater saves you utility costs due to its excellent energy efficiency. It also has a long lifespan, which will minimize any possible replacement costs in the future. Storage will not be an issue due to its smaller size.

Improve the Ambience

While lights are important for visibility in the bathroom, you should also get softer and dimmer wall lights. This can provide a more relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom, especially when you’re destressing with a warm, luxurious bath. You should also install larger mirrors. Doing this will bounce around more light in your bathroom and give it a natural feel.

Transform Your Bathroom into a Wet Room

If you’re looking to renovate the entire bathroom, you can transform it into a wet room. This involves waterproofing the tiles and ceiling and changing the shower floor design to make water flow into the drain. It can be especially beneficial for small bathrooms since the space will be utilized effectively.

Wetrooms look unique and elegant due to their unconventional design and have the added benefit of minimizing water usage. It will also make your bathroom easier to clean since you can rinse it with the shower with no issue.

Use these suggestions to enhance your bathroom’s appearance and utility. Doing these will make for a better standard of living in your home and increase its overall monetary value.

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