Are You Aware Of The Cost Of Waterproofing A Basement?

You must understand that your basement is considered your foundation of the home, and if it is not strong enough then you could be in real trouble. Remember, water can always infiltrate your basement in several ways – either due to hydrostatic pressure or overflowing gutters, and all that can cause significant damage to the home.

You must understand that even a little amount of water may lead to various issues like:

  • Sticking doors
  • Cracks on your concrete
  • Mold
  • Mildew

Therefore, you must address your basement waterproofing as quickly as possible. However, since every basement is not the same, so your requirements may vary. Several things can waterproof your basement, right from any milder damp proofing to any full interior or exterior waterproofing.

Therefore basement waterproofing cost may not be the same for every condition. You may also contact Waterproofing PD, a well-known company in this business to inspect your basement condition so that he can offer you a tentative cost of your waterproofing.

But then how much can it cost?

You cannot answer this question straight away. Just imagine, if you call a carpenter and ask him how much it will cost if you want to remodel your kitchen. Or if you call any mechanic and ask him how much it may cost to set right your car. In all such cases, both your carpenter and mechanic will need more information so that he can offer you a final price.

Similarly for your basement also your waterproofer will have to measure the basement, then identify the actual problem, and finally decide on the actual solution before offering you their final cost for your work.

So far as the average waterproofing cost of any basement is concerned, in Canada, it is between $3,000 to $7,000. Usually, most of the people may end up paying around $5,500 for any interior French drain.

To apply a sealant to your interior walls and then to fix one crack by using epoxy is almost $1,000. For exterior French drain, its sump pump, and also exterior sealant to be used on the walls by using epoxy may cost you around $10,000.

Call any waterproofing company

The above cost figure is given so that you can get an idea about the cost and not necessarily the cost of your own basement repairing too. As mentioned in the beginning, every home may be different, and also the problem of every home will also be different.

Basement waterproofing can always help you to restore your home’s resale value by 10% or maybe even more. By repairing any flooding basement, you will be able to prevent any further damage in your homes like the formation of mold, rust damages, and wood rot, etc.

If you can insulate all the basement walls, then you can increase in savings on your utility bills by almost $250 to $400 or even more in a year.

So you must call Waterproofing PD today and get your basement inspected by their professionals. They can then offer their price after taking the measurements and also finding the actual source of the problem.

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