Are granite countertops overrated?

It seems like over the years homeowners have always been attracted to granite countertops. However in recent years homeowners have started to shift their attention to other surfaces. This new switch has left many homeowners wondering if their granite countertops are overrated.

Benefits of Granite

There are so many benefits of having granite countertops installed in your home. The surface is very durable and is going to last your family for many years. Unlike many other surfaces, granite is very strong and can also handle a lot of heat. If you have ready and studied about other surfaces, you have probably learned that you have to be very careful not to stain some surface, such as marble. Granite is very stain resistant and you are not going to have to worry about your little ones spilling their juice of ketchup on the surface and have it learn a mark on the stone.

Granite also comes in many different busy patterns. For many years homeowners have liked that they could hide a lot of messes or marks on their surfaces because of the patterns. If you have young children, you understand that they will make make messes on your surface all the time. Whether it is them leaving their crumbs on the counter, or if they smeared the honey all of the counter, you are not going to be able to see it. Mom like being able to have a presentable kitchen without having to wipe the counter down 5 times a day.

Benefits of Other Stones

People are leaning to other stones mostly because of the appearances. In recent years quartz is becoming a very popular option in kitchen. Quartz is a man made surface so it is also very strong. Because it is made made, they are also able to make the stone appear however they want it to appear.

People really like the very modern appearance of quartz. Usually found in bright whites, quartz countertops have become increasingly popular in modern homes. Another benefit of quartz is that it can be made to look very similar to marble. Marble has been a classic stone for many years but it definitely has it downsides. The stone can be very difficult to take care of because of the soft stone. Quartz can look very similar to marble but the homeowner will not have to worry about all of the staining that they would have to be careful of with marble.

Final Decision

It is too hard to say if granite is overrated. Ultimately, it just depends on what you are looking for in a kitchen surface. If you want a modern surface that looks like marble or is a bright solid color than quartz may be a good decision. However, many people still like the natural beauty of granite and the benefits that come with using it inside of your home.



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