Adding Luxury to Your Space with Safety in Mind as Well

Everyone should be able to achieve a little bit of luxury in their homes. There simple things that each home owner can do that will make their space feel luxurious. Some of these changes are decorative and others are practical.

One of the first things to consider when creating a luxurious space should be safety. You may have some important documents or fine jewelry that you want to keep protected. You will want to protect these important items in the event of a fire or other uncontrollable event. When you begin shopping the safe market you may discover that most are flame retardant, but many are quite plain, and some are ugly. The Stockinger brand of safes brings luxury and practicality to the world of safety storage solutions. These are eye appealing safes that can blend in to any decor. Some can stand alone as a decorative piece and others can be hidden inside pieces of furniture or walls.

Once you have secured your valuables you can begin making the rest of your space luxurious. Adding some color to your walls in warm neutrals or classic gray tones will help bring in simplicity and glam to your home. These tones are inviting and will blend well with any decorative accessories you decide to incorporate into your space.

After your walls are painted update your furniture by accessorizing them with plush and bold throw pillows. The more comfortable and eye catching the better. These will add that sophisticated flare to your living room. If you are creating a luxurious bedroom you can also incorporate bright and bold throw pillows to your bed. Make sure the sizes vary to add depth and contrast.

A throw rug will spice up the floor. You can use a patterned rug or a monotone rug but whatever color you choose should play off of the colors in your decorative pillows. This will instantly take a drab room and turn it into a fab room.

Let’s not forget about those freshly painted walls. The neutral tone will work well with any type of decorative art you decide to hang. The sky really is the limit in your space. It does not matter if you are finishing a bedroom or living room. Your art work of choice and directly relate to your style. If you are more into metals and modern art, you can hang a decorative metal set of art. If you like textures and warmth you should consider hanging an elegant tapestry on the wall. If you are a true lover of the arts, you can visit a local gallery and purchase a piece of art from a local artist and show case it on your wall.

Visually your space is luxurious but there are a few small touches that will finish the room off. Add some warm and inviting scents to the space. You can achieve this by using a wax tart warmer, a candle, high end room spray, fragrance oil reeds or even plug in fragrance oils. These scents will naturally draw people into your space and make them feel welcome and relaxed.


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