5 Ways To Determine If You re Buying A Good Bolted Steel Tank

5 Ways To Determine If You’re Buying A Good Bolted Steel Tank

Steel tanks are used as storage in offshore facilities. They are usually built in towering heights to maximize space used for storage. The contents of each steel tank vary for different industries. Some use it to store water, septic waste, or – more dangerously – oil.

Bolted steel tanks are set up in several months’ time. Of course, something this important and potentially hazardous should be made with utmost precision and care. Just one bolt coming off accidentally can instigate a cascade of events that will not end up pretty. Many depend on bolted steel tanks to meet their storage needs. I suppose you are also looking to have one built – thus, your visit to our website’s blog. Rest assured, we have what you came for today.

Today we will be guiding you on choosing the best bolted steel tank for your business. There are now several excellent builders who specialize in building bolted steel tanks. However, it is not all the time that we get exactly what is advertised. So in order to avoid getting duped, here are a couple of ways you can tell if your provider is really offering you the best bolted steel tank they have:


The material should be steel and not just any kind of rip-off steel – it should be 100% stainless steel. Storage equipment such as bolted tanks needs to be rust free. This is to avoid contaminating the material stored inside with other types of chemicals that could reduce or ruin the quality of your product. Also, rust would mean that the metal is starting to corrode. As time goes by, corrosion will cause the shell of the tank to weaken and may eventually lead to leaking, breaking, or even exploding of the contents. And you don’t want this to happen. Not only does it risk your business, but the people working for you as well.

Find out how you can verify if the material is made of stainless steel by reading this article!


Although design is hardly an issue in the case of tanks, it still matters – especially when we’re talking about functionality. Storage tanks come in different sizes and are usually made in a spherical or circular shape. Bolted steel tanks, are quicker to install compared to welded steel tanks and they are flexible – you can resize them the moment you think you are in need of more storage. But whatever the type of tank you prefer, you only need to make sure that the size is ideal for the kind and amount of material you are about to store.


When buying any type of product, always make it a rule to check before you dive right into the deal. The same thing should be observed (especially) with large purchases. You are about to spend a good amount of cash, not to mention that installing a bolted tank – although brief – still consumes a good amount of time. And I know that for a busy person like you, time is always precious. To avoid having do-overs and adding unnecessary stresses to your life, just do a background check on your prospects. Find out which manufacturers get the best reviews and also validate those reviews for verification. You wouldn’t want to make a wrong choice just because someone else can afford to deceive people for money.


After checking reviews, you are bound to come across several companies that feel like a good fit for your bolted tank installation project. So the next thing you should look at is price. Always check if you can find a resource that tells you the average prices for different sizes of bolted steel tanks. Some of your prospects will turn out to be a more expensive choice. If you can get the same great quality for a cheaper deal then that’s definitely a go signal for you.


Most manufacturers offer warranties. It just goes to show how confident they are in the tanks they build. Having a warranty secures your investment. Without it, your bolted steel tank can burst open the week after installation and no one is answerable for your loss of investment. Always check with your chosen manufacturer about the length of warranty they grant. A period of at least one year is usually given.

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