2018 Carpet Flooring Trends

Carpet is a popular choice for the home no matter what year it may be, but as we venture forth into 2018 some carpet flooring trends have already begun to take shape. If you’re in the market for carpet as a way of revitalizing or enhancing any room in the house, why not consider some of these new alternatives that are all the rage these days.

Waterproof Carpets

Moisture plus carpet has always been bad combination often resulting in damaged material or mold and mildew growing beneath wet regions of carpet flooring.

But those days are over as modern technology has offered us a way to make carpets waterproof. That’s right. You can get these carpets wet without the consequences that await, allowing you to install them in any room of the house. This means the living room or the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. Waterproof carpeting is resilient enough to take on any spills without absorption or bacterial damage.

Even better, rug cleaning arlington is much easier with the waterproof version of carpet flooring installed.

Recycled Carpets

Many carpets that have been on the market for years typically incorporate some amount of recycled materials as part of their makeup, but more companies are working towards improvement. Some of the newest versions are being made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and other similar materials.

But what about replacing your carpet after its lost all luster? Now the newest carpets aren’t just made from recyclable materials, the carpets themselves can be recycled when they’ve reached the end of their lifespan. That can reduce landfills by millions of pounds from less carpet being discarded each year.

Vivid Colors

When it’s time to choose carpet for the home, you may want to go with the latest fashion in bold, bright aesthetics. The more vivid the color, the more of an impression it will make with guests and family alike.

Don’t be shy about relying on color to wake up a drab, boring old room. Liven it up with shades that will get noticed and give your home a whole new life.

Frieze Carpet

This hot new trend in carpeting brings a unique aesthetic to any room. It has a shaggy texture that is unlike any other available on the market right now and many homeowners are choosing Frieze for the twisted fibers that give the carpet its unmistakable appearance.

It’s also a great option for homes with a lot of foot traffic and messy inhabitants like children and pets that aren’t always careful about what they drop along the way. Dirt and wear and tear are less visible at first glance when you have Frieze carpet in the home.


Last but not least, patterns are making a comeback. Patterns have always been a popular choice for just about any home decor but some of the newest styles such as tree bark, geometric patterns, and an updated take on the classic zig-zag have all been utilized as a way to complement the home’s interior design.


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