When to Get Your Trees Trimmed Back

Tree trimming is something we ordered once a year for the company. They would come out and trim the trees around the entire perimeter. It looked really nice. Keeping your trees shaped at home for the yard is a nice touch as well, but the key to tree trimming is not just for looks. It’s to maintain both the tree and the safety of the property. Depending on the number of trees it may be a small investment, but it’s worth it at least once a year. Try to schedule it around the time the trees become a nuisance, which is storm season and fall. You should get your trees trimmed back when they are too close to power lines, too close to the roof of the house and if they are shedding too many leaves.

Too Close to Power Lines

No one likes a power outage. Even worse, you don’t want one of your branches blowing in the wind and getting tangled into one of the power lines and shutting down power. This type of outage will affect everyone within a cluster. No single person wants to take on all the blame while they wait for the utility company to show up. The best thing is to cut those high-risk branches back, so they are nowhere near any lines.

Too Close to The Roof

We’ve all seen the pictures of trees that fell on homes after a bad storm. Don’t let your roof fall victim to a huge branch crashing down on it. Trim your trees back if they are leaning towards your home. Especially for the storm season, schedule the trees for a really good trimming so you have no need to fear any lose yet heavy branches becoming projectiles.

Shedding Too Many Leaves

On weeks that you may not have to cut the grass it can be quite annoying to still have to pick up a ton of leaves. Have you let your tree go? You can’t see the top anymore, but you have an endless supply of leaves for your kids to dive into. Yardwork can become a real chore after a while. Do yourself the favor and have your trees cut back. The less leaves there are the less the shedding will be. This makes yardwork get done much faster, and your hard can stay clean a whole lot longer. When I need my trees trimmed I look for tree trimming services golden co.

Tree trimming is for everyone who has trees in their yard. Whether it’s for shaping or preventative methods, tree trimming is a real thing to schedule and it can save you a big headache. Once a year should be good enough for most cases, but it’s up to you to stay on top of it. You can tell when it’s time to cut the trees back when they are too close to power lines, your roof, or if they are dropping way too many leaves.

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