The Holidays Are Coming! Prepare for Overnight Guests Now, Relax Later

Festive decorations, gourmet meals, and lots of special guests make the holidays feel extra special. The extra company staying at your home is a seasonal excitement and a time to catch up, bond, and enjoy each other’s company. To prepare for overnight guests it is a good idea to do a few preliminary preparations to ensure that their visit and each holiday is a smashing success that will be spoken about for years to come.

Ample Seating

Holidays meals are often the center point for each gathering. To be prepared for a group count how many possible guests there will be and compare with the available seating. If you want a proper seated meal then you might have to purchase a bigger table and additional chairs to seat everyone. For families that prefer a more casual approach, buying foldable chairs can do the trick. They are also affordable and easy to store until the next event.

Enough Beds for All

Overnight guests typically try not to cause too much of a bother, but a good host will want them to sleep well and enjoy their stay. An office or extra room can be turned into a guest bedroom with the addition of a bed. If an existing pull-out bed or guest bed is dated and in poor shape then it might be time for a new one. A furniture store Miami will have all of the beds, tables, and chairs you might need under one roof. Larger groups might require a few air mattresses to supplement available beds and make better use of space. Don’t forget to inspect pillows and bedding. If in poor shape throw away and get replacements. At the very least new pillows would be a nice gesture and they are cheap.

Bathroom Prep

More guests mean the bathrooms will be in constant use. Prepare for full bathrooms by stocking up on toilet paper and tissues. Now is also a great time to replace any worn out towels to provide guests with new, soft towels that the homeowners can continue to enjoy after the holidays are past. Finally, homes with septic tanks should use a store bought treatment to break down the contents as the large group will be using the bathroom more and septic problems are not festive.

The holidays bring loves ones, friends, and family all under one roof to share the joy of each other’s company. Show them your love by taking the time to properly prepare your home for their visit. Making sure there are enough beds, toilet paper, bedding, and more are stocked helps for a smoother time together. There should also be enoughing seating for all guests for the holiday meal. A larger table and chairs is an option as well as folding chairs. Finally, the bathroom should be refilled of necessities and have plenty of towels on hand. With a bit of planning you won’t have much to do when guests arrive but relax.


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