Marble Floor Polishing

The marble floor has a beautiful shine and smooth feel that might fade away after a few years but there is nothing to worry about because marble floor polishing can make it look new again. Marble is more durable as compared to tiles as it can take loads and force without breaking easily. Marble can be polished again and again to make it look new for many years.

Reasons for Dullness

Marble is a soft rock material that corrodes when it comes in contact with acidic surfaces like coffee and cold drinks, making it look dull and develop spots. Sometimes people use detergents to clean their marble floors without knowing that detergents are also acidic, and they result in slow corrosion of marble floor surfaces. Floors that face high traffic get dull faster than the marble floors with low traffic.

Polishing Intervals

Mostly the marble floors do not get dull for one to two years, so for that, you might need a marble floor polishing after an average of 2 years. However, it entirely depends on the traffic that the floor faces. The marble floor of an organization may need polishing after one year, and on the other hand, the floor of a home may not need polishing for over five years.

Get Services VS Doing it yourself

You might find millions of YouTube videos and content that provide you with different solutions that you can make at home to polish your marble floor; however, it is recommended to get services from a company. Marble floor polishing services are usually cheap. If you do it yourself by using the wrong solution, you might instead damage your floor even more. Many companies send experts to your home or office to polish your marble floor with standardized solutions and specialized equipment types to polish the floor. The marble floor is durable and will remain shiner if you take care of it and get it maintained through experts.

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