The Differences Between A Residential and Commercial Lawn Mower

What Is A Lawn Mower

A machine that is utilized to cut grass and make it even all over is called a lawnmower. A lawnmower is also called a mower or grass cutter. They are two different types of lawnmowers. The two different types are residential and commercial lawn mowers. How a lawn mower cuts grass is with either one or more blades that revolve. When using a lawn mower the blades can usually be adjusted so the individual can cut the grass the height that they want it. Lawnmowers can be powered by a battery, electric motor, manually, or by gas. Most residential lawn mowers have an internal small combustion engine. This engine is usually the power source for the lawnmower. The larger lawn mowers are usually commercial lawn mowers and individuals are able to ride on these lawnmowers. Commercial lawn mowers are also controlled by a gas engine. If you have an extremely small lawnmower then this is usually called a push mower which is manually controlled.

What Are The Differences Between A Residential And Commercial Lawn Mower

One of the main differences between a residential riding lawn mower and a commercial lawn mower is the durability is not the same. For example the average homeowner only uses the residential lawn mower around once or twice a month. If it is in the summertime when the grass is at its peak growing season the homeowner may use the residential lawn mower once a week. When it comes to a commercial lawn mower it is used all year round for at least 8 to 12 hours a day. There is also a huge price difference between a commercial lawn mower and a residential lawn mower. The commercial lawn mower is very expensive even a used or cheaper model is usually more expensive than a residential lawn mower. The benefits of purchasing a commercial lawn mower are that it is low maintenance, has high-quality parts, and the endurance level of this lawnmower is very high. Residential lawn mowers may be cheaper than the commercial lawn mowers but they do not last long if you use them a lot. The residential lawn mower has to be used sparingly in order to get longevity out of it.

If you are a homeowner and you own multiple properties or you have a lawn that is between 2 and 5 acres a residential lawnmower may not be sufficient enough to handle all of this work. Any homeowner with land of this magnitude or own multiple properties should definitely consider a commercial lawn mower. It will be a great investment in the long run instead of continuously having to purchase multiple residential mowers. When it comes to a lawnmower that can access small spaces and areas that need to be cut that are up against gates a residential mower is perfect for this. Residential mowers can fit through spaces that a commercial mower cannot and they are also more maneuverable when it comes to cutting in tight spaces. When it comes to performing heavy duty mowing jobs in rough terrain with a lot of acreages this is a job for a commercial lawn mower. The reason why the commercial lawn mower can perform heavy-duty jobs better than a residential lawn mower is not just because it’s bigger. It is also because the commercial lawnmower has decks that are wider and taller and their engines have higher horsepower than the residential lawn mower.

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