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2018 Carpet Flooring Trends

Carpet is a popular choice for the home no matter what year it may be, but as we venture forth into 2018 some carpet flooring trends have already begun to take shape. If you’re in the market for carpet as a way of revitalizing or enhancing any [......]

Are granite countertops overrated?

It seems like over the years homeowners have always been attracted to granite countertops. However in recent years homeowners have started to shift their attention to other surfaces. This new switch has left many homeowners wondering if their [......]

Why Your Leaky Roof is a Problem

Many people try to procrastinate when they are experiencing problems with their roof. They may be afraid of the cost or the hassle but fixing it sooner rather than later can prevent much bigger problems from occurring in the future. Roofs are [......]

How to Remove Tough Old Stains From Carpet

Most adults have picked up a few tricks along the way when it comes to dealing with spills, especially if, like me, you’re the type that frequently tips a glass or lets bits of food escape. You probably know you can do a lot to stop stains [......]