How to Remove Wet or Dry Paint from Carpet

Life happens. Sometimes it happens to your carpet. You may find yourself removing all types of things from your carpet over the span of time in which you own it. But paint removal can be the most challenging of tasks in this r0065gard.

Fortunately, spilled painted doesn’t have to ruin your carpet. You have options as to the best methods for removing both wet and dry paint should any get spilled on the fibers. Even better, you don’t need to rely on harsh and abrasive cleansers to get the job done, nor do you automatically have to turn to a carpet cleaning company for professional stain removal

You have the ability to handle the matter with any number of home remedies that are probably available in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets at this very moment. If you get to the problem quick enough, all you’ll really need is some hot water, some dish soap and a dry cloth. For those instances where the paint has since dried after the spill has occurred, you have other options.

So, the next time you get some paint on the carpet, try these alternatives to the professional companies first. You may find that you’re a lot more successful at the task than you think and you’ll save a ton of money in the bargain!

The one thing you should always remember is never wipe the paint off your carpet. Always blot at it first. That way you absorb the excess liquid first and you can reduce the amount that gets stuck in the fibers and stains the carpet as a result. It will also help to know what kind of paint you’ve spilled, so you can take the necessary steps for removing it with the most efficacy.

Water-Based or Latex Paints

The best bet is to get the paint up when it’s still wet. But if you only discover the mess after it has dried, you will need to get some dish soap and hot water. Mix them together and apply to the stain. The trick is to let the soapy water remain on the stain. Not too long and don’t drown the carpet. For latex paint, start dabbing the stain along the edge and move in slowly to get the mess cleaned up in full.

Once you’re finished, vacuum the area. But make sure the carpet is completely dried first.

Oil-Based Paints

The best way to remove paints that have an oil base is with heat and steam. Just be careful about how much you use because you don’t want to singe or burn the fibers of the carpet. That damage is long-lasting and it can be very tough to repair.

As you heat and steam the painted area, carefully chip away at the paint but do so with a gentle touch. You could ruin the fibers if you’re too forceful about it and that can also mar the appearance of your carpet permanently.

Of course, if all of these options fail, you may need to call in the experts and have them finish the job for you.

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