How to Pick a Bathtub for a Master Bath

Nothing makes the master bath more luxurious and relaxing than a bathtub. However, this does not mean that you can choose just any bathtub. To make the right choice, read on and learn from our suggestions.

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Determine the Size

One of the first things to do is to determine the size of the tub for your master bath. Since it is for the master bath, it is best to have one that can fit two people at a time if space is not an issue. If the bathroom is small, settle for a one-person bathtub that also doubles as a shower to maximize space.

Pick the Right Type

Below are the types of bathtubs suitable for a master bath:

  • 3-Wall Alcove: It is an excellent choice for a small bathroom. It combines the tub and the shower, which makes it space-efficient. On one side of the tub and shower combination is the wall.
  • Drop-In: This is only the tub shell and fitted in a framed enclosure that is built to match the wall and floor of the bathroom.
  • Freestanding: There is no enclosure with this kind of bathtub. It has a solid base and often located in the center of the bathroom. This is a great tub type if the master bath has generous space. For a more vintage look, those with clawfoot can be perfect.

Choose the Right Material

The material of the bathtub directly impacts durability and overall quality, making it a crucial consideration. This also affects the price of the bathtub. For a budget-friendly alternative acrylic is a good choice, which is known for being easy to form. Fiberglass reinforced plastic is another affordable material, but a lot of people tend to stay away from this because it is easily prone to cracks. For an old-fashioned tub that perfectly complements the vintage style of a bathroom, cast iron is an excellent choice, which is also known for being extremely heavy. If you do not mind going on a splurge, you might also want to consider copper. Exotic stone or marble tubs are also great although, they cost a fortune.

Look for Advanced Features

Bathtubs have gone a long way. These days, it is not uncommon to find one that comes with fancy features that will make it more relaxing. For instance, there are bathtubs equipped with built-in entertainment system, including speakers and even tablets. Some have lights that change color, which is perfect if you want a romantic night with your significant other. Others have whirlpool or jets to make your bathtub time more therapeutic.

Now is the time to start shopping for a bathtub for your master bath. To make things easier, check out the selection of bathtubs available at Badeloft, which is also known for their high-quality standalone sinks.

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