Great Ideas to Help You Redesign your Bathroom


If you are redesigning your home, there is no better place to start then the bathroom. A modified bathroom not only changes the house it is in, but also adds value to your home. Value in monetary means and also value in the way it makes you feel. Bathroom designs can be simple or complex, decorative or functional, but one thing they have in common are simple elements like a sink, a shower, and a toilet. Here are some great ideas to reinvigorate your bathroom.

Go Stylish

A stylish bathroom does not have to be an expensive bathroom. Unless you want it to in which case go nuts. All that is really required is a theme. This theme can revolve around anything and may not require huge renovations to pull off. Popular examples of themes are royal, floor-focused, sunny, or retro. In order to establish them you simply have to decorate the room to create the specific feel.

Although nothing says royal like a big claw-footed tub you do not have to go extravagant with your styles. A royal look can be established simply by using an elegant-looking floor lamp. True, a retro style can be nailed by installing an old fashioned pull-cord toilet, but you can also buy a wooden potty-topper and establish the same feel. Often a look can be pulled off simply by switching out some towels or hanging a picture. So whether you go big or small, remember, a style can be established no matter what your budget is.


A practical bathroom either plays the simplicity or boosts the actual use of the room. You can go minimal with just the basic elements needed for a functional restroom. You can also modify the room to better suit its purpose. This can be done by installing a bidet feature in the commode, a separate unit altogether, or installing a second sink. It can also be accomplished by putting up some shelving in the shower or adding a separate cabinet for better storage. Even a small addition like rack to hold extra toilet paper, or a bin for magazines more than establishes the practical use of the room.


A bathroom does not have to be a showpiece for guests. It can also be a luxury item for you to enjoy. A mid-level accommodation many make is creating a shower niche. A unique design that enhances the quality of a shower. People have installed massaging pebble tile on the floor, created a wrap around entrance, and even installed a seat. Simpler designs have also used nothing more than a better shower nozzle.

An enhanced bathroom is a great treat for any house, and it can be achieved no matter what kind of budget you are working with. A good strategy is to target one specific renovation you want to make and use simple accommodations for everything else. The best way to approach it is to take it one step at a time. You do not have to rip apart your bathroom to remake it.


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