Upcoming LA home decoration trends

alt – LA home decoration trends.

LA home decoration trends have always been one of the best ones to follow because they are always ahead of their time. People in LA are very creative and they know how to make their homes look nice and trendy. This is probably because of the fact that so many people live in LA. We’re talking about people from all over the world. Plus you can’t forget the fact that plenty of celebrities live in LA too and celebrities are usually the ones making trends. If you want your home to be one with LA home decoration trends this year, make sure to follow our tips.

Colors, colors, colors!

Maybe you have noticed that over the last few years homes have been very dull and a bit boring. Sure, having everything in black and white or just one of the two colors makes a home seem modern because of how simple it is, but this year it’s not the case. This year it is all about having plenty of colors surrounding you. And we couldn’t be happier about it. Colorful rooms are not just appealing to the eye but to the mind too. Scientists have proven that living in a colorful home has effects on our mood. Bright colors make us happy and cheerful. Dark colors keep us focused and motivated.

How to do it?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate colors into your home. Painting your walls is just one of them. Usually, people go for darker colors when it comes to walls. Dark greens and blues are very popular lately. If you find painting your walls to be too big of a job because you’ll have to prepare your home for renovation, you can skip this step and just stick to colorful furniture. Colorful furniture is a very good way to incorporate color into your life. If you have white walls you can choose basically any color scheme you want for your home. Dark-colored furniture is one of the LA home decoration trends that are on the rise. Emerald green sofas with gold accents can be found anywhere. The prices are not very affordable but you’ll be paying for the latest trend.

can be very tiring.

Don’t be afraid of using colors this year while decorating your home.

alt – Color palette.

Golden decorative pieces are a must-have!

Decorative pieces have always been a huge part of the LA home decoration trends. No matter which trend we’re talking about, having these in your home is always in style. But the type of decorative pieces changed throughout the years. Gold has become very popular when it comes to decoration. People now search to buy everything golden. Vases, picture frames, lamps, jewelry holders, candles, etc. Anything you can think of as a decorative piece, you can find it in the color of gold. This is because gold goes very well with the colors that are trendy in the interior design world. And almost every color in the color palette can look good when matched with gold.

If you’d like to hop on this trend of golden accents, we suggest avoiding using yellow and orange tones in your home. These two colors don’t go with gold so well because the colors are very similar. Try using turquoise, pink, blue, green, and purple instead. These are the colors that go best with gold accents. Golden decorative pieces are a great way to bring some change to the look of your old home.

Artsy clutter as a trend.

We’ve all been taught that having a messy home is never good and the fewer things you have the better, but the tables have turned. Now it’s all about having a cluttered home. But cluttered in an artsy way. There’s a difference. Artsy clutter looks good because it has colors that match, it all goes well together. But artsy clutter is not something everyone can do. You need to have a special taste in order to do it in the LA way.

You can, of course, find many ideas online and get inspired that way if you want to hop on this trend. Pinterest is full of these ideas but we can tell you some too. Cushions are a must-have. The more colorful the better. You can find fun-colored cushions anywhere now because of this trend. They come in various shapes and sizes as well as in various prints and designs. Colorful blankets, paintings, clocks, carpets, plant pots. There are thousands of options to create your artsy clutter. The only con about this trend is that you’ll have plenty of packing to do once you decide to move. And even if you’re moving in your own area, this can be very tiring.

This trend has its pros and cons.

alt – Colorful interior.

Vintage mirrors.

Mirrors are always in style but lately vintage mirrors have been coming back. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. What is important is to have them in your home. Vintage mirrors usually have over-the-top frames that are golden because that was already a trend back in the day. They compliment other gold accents in your home well and they look very modern. Your mirror doesn’t really have to be from the ’20s in order for it to look vintage. You can find new vintage mirrors anywhere because of this trend. And the more of them you have in your home, the trendier it will be. When you decide to move, make sure you have a trusted moving company helping you with relocating these mirrors. jbmoving.com  is just one of the companies we can recommend for this job.


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