Learn More About AquaOx Water Filters: Tap or Filtered Water?

You probably know that tap and filtered water are highly different. Of course, by seeing them, both seem the same. However, the taste, odor, and other factors are entirely different.

Therefore, you should know about the aspects that will help you with the process of deciding the difference between tap and filtered liquid.

Generally, the US and Western countries come with drinkable and safe water. However, it does not mean that it is drinkable when it comes to safety and may not lead to severe problems.

Numerous regulations have implemented the ways municipal waters have to undergo treatment. However, the road towards your home can contaminate the freshest and purest liquid.

That is why you should check out more about AquaOx Water Filters, which will help you determine whether you should have it or not.

The municipal quality standards are here to manage and improve levels of nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, and microorganisms.

Even though tap in Western countries is generally safe, you should know that supply comes in contact with other chemicals that can affect your overall health.

We are talking about traces of chemicals that can pose a threat for a long-time consumer. The substances include traces of lead, chlorine, hormones, and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, tap water features a chlorine taste, which is not tasty but gross.

Filtered Water is Better Than Tap

The first thing you should remember is that chlorine flavor is not tasty, which is why you should find ways to remove both odor and taste in combination with other chemicals as well.

Filtering can handle these issues as well as toxins that can affect your overall health. Apart from toxins, filtering is perfect for impurities and flavors as well.

Other benefits include boosting skin hydration, detoxification, nutrient absorption, and digestion, among other things.

You can choose a wide array of filtration options, but the most effective one includes a multi-stage system that will feature UV and active carbon blocks to provide you peace of mind.

That way, you will free your water from harmful chemicals and pollutants, while natural minerals will remain inside to keep you hydrated and safe.

By checking here, you will learn more about different filtration systems you can implement.

Advantages of Filtered Water

  • Deals With Chlorine – We have mentioned above that chlorine is an essential ingredient in tap because it prevents microorganisms and germ contamination. Even though it is effective for keeping tap safe, you should know that it can be bad for our health in high amounts. For instance, it can increase the chances and risk of cancer, which is an essential factor to remember. Besides, filtering will remove chlorine, which will improve taste and odor, among other things.
  • Environment-Friendly – Since tap is not healthy, most people choose bottled water as an alternative to drinking lousy and bad liquid from their homes. However, consuming bottled options comes with numerous disadvantages, and one of the worst ones includes the threat plastic bottles are posing to the world that surrounds us. For instance, in the US, more than seventeen million barrels of oil are required for producing bottled water needed for a single year. In this calculation, we have not included carbon emissions and the number of bottles within landfills. As soon as you decide to filter out your water, it means you will use it from the source without dealing with unwanted plastic. That way, you can save money in the long run and prevent negative consequences to the environment due to the mass production of bottles.
  • Better Taste Than Before – As mentioned above, drinking tap can be safe, but it comes with a horrible taste due to the chemicals used. Therefore, you should avoid compromising and choosing the option that tastes bad. Instead, you should find ways to purify it to ensure you get pure, fresh, and delicious liquid. Since filtration will remove bacteria and chlorine, you will avoid metallic, chemical, and tasteless tap.
  • Better Coffee – When you remove lousy chemicals and bacteria, you can rest assured because you can use the same water to brew the tastiest coffee you have ever drunk. Remember that buildup affects the flavor of your favorite drinks, which is something you can prevent by implementing a proper purification system. Apart from coffee, you can also enjoy better teas and other beverages you want to make within your household.

Check out this website: https://www.epa.gov/dwreginfo/drinking-water-regulations to learn about tap regulations.

  • Perfect for Digestion – Since purification will ensure that only healthy minerals are present inside the tap, you can rest assured because you will not have digestion issues as before. The main idea is to stay adequately hydrated by using purified water, which will help you process and transport minerals and nutrients to make you feel fresher, awake, and alert compared with other options.
  • Save Money in a Long Run – It is a much more affordable solution to implement filtered water than the bottled alternative. Instead of buying them each time you need them, you should refill them and eliminate the need of getting bottles and affecting the environment the same way we stated above.

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